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One of my Favorite Wedding Photos by Sunny Thomas

This is one of my favorites.  It’s not what you would typically expect.  The photo you may have expected might have been a bride walking down the aisle or a bride and groom kissing.

While those can be beautiful images, I am drawn to this one because of the story it tells.   It may seem like just a group of friends sitting around the fire, but there is so much more.  The wedding ceremony is over.  The reception is almost over.  The bride and groom are chatting with their guests inside.  The bridal party’s responsibilities have ended.  So they go outside and sip some wine and enjoy the warmth of the fire.  They kick off their shoes and reminisce about the fun times they’ve had in the past.  They know that after today, their tribe will be different.  Things won’t be like they once were.   So they pause and they savor this moment.

Every wedding can have hundreds of these types of moments.  As a photographer, I look for these special moments. My job is to capture these brief instances so that you can cherish them forever. When the wedding ends, you’ll forget about the food and the flowers.  All that’s left will be your photos to help your remember these special moments.

Looking back - When Jeff and Meagan Got Married by Sunny Thomas

Over the past 8 years, I’ve had the privilege of photographing many, many weddings.  It has been a great experience to step into peoples lives on their happiest day and record all the moments that they may otherwise forget.  I get to help preserve those memories.  Couples will use those wedding pictures to reminisce with each other and to share those memories with their kids and grandkids.

One of my favorite weddings I got to photograph was my nephew’s.  He and is wife just celebrated their third wedding anniversary.  So to mark the occasion, I went through their photos again.  It was great to be able to look back at the photos and relive the day.

Here are some of my favorites.