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Free Photo Booth - Final Day! by Sunny Thomas


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One of my Favorite Wedding Photos by Sunny Thomas

This is one of my favorites.  It’s not what you would typically expect.  The photo you may have expected might have been a bride walking down the aisle or a bride and groom kissing.

While those can be beautiful images, I am drawn to this one because of the story it tells.   It may seem like just a group of friends sitting around the fire, but there is so much more.  The wedding ceremony is over.  The reception is almost over.  The bride and groom are chatting with their guests inside.  The bridal party’s responsibilities have ended.  So they go outside and sip some wine and enjoy the warmth of the fire.  They kick off their shoes and reminisce about the fun times they’ve had in the past.  They know that after today, their tribe will be different.  Things won’t be like they once were.   So they pause and they savor this moment.

Every wedding can have hundreds of these types of moments.  As a photographer, I look for these special moments. My job is to capture these brief instances so that you can cherish them forever. When the wedding ends, you’ll forget about the food and the flowers.  All that’s left will be your photos to help your remember these special moments.

Shannon and Matt Got Married - A Sneak Peek by Sunny Thomas

It's hard to believe it was only a few weeks ago when I photographed Matt and Shannon for their engagement portraits.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of photographing their wedding.  It was a beautiful day at Tres Suenos Winery and Vineyard in Luther, Oklahoma.  Matt and Shannon picked the perfect time for their wedding as well.  Early evening is a great time to take pictures.  Here are some pictures I took after the ceremony.  I'll post more soon.

Mark and Dara Got Married! by Sunny Thomas

It's always fun to collaborate with another photographer.  I had the opportunity to do that for Mark and Dara's wedding last month.  I was the assistant photographer for this wedding and I was assisting Jamie Limberg of Studio Westway.  Jamie is an awesome photographer and I really enjoy working with her.

The grounds at the Gilcrease Museum are very nice.  We were hoping to take pictures outside before the ceremony, but unfortunately it started raining right when we needed to take the pictures. So, we took most of the bridal party photos inside the museum before the ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony, we just happened to look out a window and saw that the rain had stopped and the clouds had parted.  We had a few minutes when the lighting was just perfect and was able to get some amazing portraits of Mark and Dara.  Here are a few favorites from the evening.