Justin and Nimmy Got Married! by Sunny Thomas

I love to photograph weddings.  I love to capture that special time when two lives become united as one.  For some weddings, it is not just a joining of two people, but also the joining of two families.  That was the case with Justin and Nimmy's wedding.  It was a day long celebration of two families joining together.  Here are some favorite images from the day.  The wedding ceremony was a First Church in downtown Oklahoma City and the reception was at Tower Hotel also in Oklahoma City.

Newborn Portrait Session - Hello Colton by Sunny Thomas

I always enjoy newborn portrait sessions.  I don't know why that is.  It's probably because I get to hold tiny little people that are only a few days old.  When doing a newborn session, I like to add props or pieces of clothing that hold a special meaning to the parents.  For Colton, for one of his pictures, we put on a blue knit hat.  That hat just happened to be the same one Colton's dad wore when he was a newborn.  How cool is that!  I love that!  It turned out to be one of my favorite pictures too.

Sneak Peek - Varughese Family Portraits by Sunny Thomas

I've had the privilege of taking the Varughese family pictures for several years now.  A few weeks ago, I was able to take newborn pictures of the newest member of the family, Ava.  Today, I took extended family portraits that include both sets of Ava's grandparents and her uncles.  Here are a few of those pictures.

Eric and Kristin Got Married! by Sunny Thomas

This past weekend, I had the privilege of shooting with Jamie Limberg of Studio Westway.  We photographed a wedding at the historic Mayo Hotel in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This was my first time photographing at this location.  It's a very cool building and the staff were great to work with.  Here are a few of my favorite images from Eric and Kristin's special day.  Enjoy!

Mark and Dara Got Married! by Sunny Thomas

It's always fun to collaborate with another photographer.  I had the opportunity to do that for Mark and Dara's wedding last month.  I was the assistant photographer for this wedding and I was assisting Jamie Limberg of Studio Westway.  Jamie is an awesome photographer and I really enjoy working with her.

The grounds at the Gilcrease Museum are very nice.  We were hoping to take pictures outside before the ceremony, but unfortunately it started raining right when we needed to take the pictures. So, we took most of the bridal party photos inside the museum before the ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony, we just happened to look out a window and saw that the rain had stopped and the clouds had parted.  We had a few minutes when the lighting was just perfect and was able to get some amazing portraits of Mark and Dara.  Here are a few favorites from the evening.